Align Your Brand Messaging with Social Media Workflows

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actisona social media workflow

It is difficult sometimes to keep your social media posts aligned with your brand messaging in a fast-paced world. We added content approval workflows to make that task a breeze.

This feature is available on paid plans.

Actisona’s Social media workflows offer a content approval feature to keep your social posts aligned across all of your social media channels, through content pre-publish reviewal and approval.

Below are some of the feaures bundled with Social media workflows.

Internal Notes

The Internal Notes feature gives you the tools needed so that you can share feedback on a post with your workflow participants in real-time and receive updates as well. It also offers open communication so that all involved parties can collaborate and join the conversation.

actisona workflow internal notes
Internal Notes / Chat

Multi-approver, Multi-step

Content approval workflow can be mapped to an unlmited steps with approvers at each step defined. Its flexiable enough to users can map steps to their organization departments, such as marketing (creative team, copy team, and branding team) and sales departments.

To add users to your content approval workflow, they must first be members in your organization, visit this support article to lean how you can invite users to user organization.

Approval Reminder (Nudge)

Never miss your planned content publishing schedules with approval reminders (Nudge). Content authors are now able to Nudge approvers by sending them real-time notification as a reminder to take action on a post pending their approval.

Send Post Back

Send back feature is intended a way to offer iterative feedback on a post, content authors and approvers are able to send a post back into approval workflow for receive an additional input from a user or to make amends such as changing post text, adding images, inserting hashtags etc.

Approval activity

Content approval workflows default behavior is to register interactions by approvers and content authors, and visualize it to be able to track progress, measure results, and improve business processes and team productivity.

Actisona workflow approval activity log

Thoughts on Social Media Workflows

We’re continuously working on adding more features to workflows and to make it more flexible. Please tweet us at @Actisonapp if you would like share any ideas to make Social workflows work better for you.

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